Professional development materials

Here are  presentations and accompanying materials at Peres and Bayview Elementary Schools during the 2017-18 school year:

Session 1:  A Focus on Collaborative Conversations

Presentation Slides (Tasks introduced: Cafe Talk and Three Step Interview)

Cafe Talk EL Review Cards

Session 2: Planning For and Analyzing Interactive Tasks

Session 2 Presentation Slides (Task introduced: Stronger and Clearer Each Time)

Conversation Analysis Tool

Stronger and Clearer Each Time Graphic Organizer

Session 3: Reflecting on Interactive Tasks

Session 3 Presentation Slides (Task Introduced: Scaffolded Collaborative Retell)

Output vs. Interaction Visual

Scaffolded Collaborative Recall (Academic Discourse Draft Definition)

Rosa Parks Text

Session 4: Three Moments in a Lesson: Preparing the Learner

Session 4 Presentation Slides (Tasks introduced: Sort and Label, Anticipatory Guide)

Anticipatory Guide

Extended Anticipatory Guide Sample


Session 5: Three Moments in a Lesson: Interacting with the Text

Session 5 Presentation Slides (Tasks Introduced: Interactive Listening, Text Reconstruction Jigsaw)

Volcanoes Lesson Plan

Volcanoes Sentence Strips  ( for Text Reconstruction Jigsaw)

Analyzing Text Coherence Graphic Organizer

Session 6: Lesson Planning and Observation

Session 6 Presentation Slides

Classroom Observation Form (Draft)


Newcomer Materials

Several teachers have asked for materials that are specifically designed for newcomer students.

WCCUSD ELD Approach using Treasures with Newcomers

Here are three documents that provide guidance for ELD teachers in working with newcomer and beginning English learners. 


ELA Activities for Newcomers and Beginners

Here is a list of a number of activities compiled by Lydia that you can use with English learners during ELA time. Some of these activities will need the assistance of an able peer or adult.

Newcomer Pack Materials

These materials, found at Teachers Pay Teachers, focus more on discrete skills that newcomer students need. These are worksheets that students can work on, but must be used in tandem with instruction that focuses on developing their speaking and listening skills. I have not ascertained the quality of these materials, so consider this before purchasing them. My colleague does give them high marks, though.

Guided Reading Lesson Plan Templates for Small Groups

Another Teachers Pay Teachers resource, providing lesson plan templates for small group instruction, based on Fontas and Pinnell reading levels, that can support newcomer students.