Professional development materials

Powerpoints for Days One and Two

Day One: Introduction of Designated ELD with a Focus on Communication

Day Two: Analyzing Student Conversations

These powerpoints include the instructional strategies that we engaged in during our work together this spring.

Handouts from Days One and Two

Communicativeness Design and Observation Tool for ELD Activities  

Use this tool while designing and reflecting upon activities used during ELD

ELD Anticipatory Guide

Word doc that can be used as a template to create your own Anticipatory Guides and/or to be used during PD

Student Conversation Samples

These samples, created by the Understanding Language team at the Stanford Graduate School of Education as part of their Constructive Classroom Conversations MOOC, can be used in tandem with their Conversation Analysis Tool to analyze student conversations.

Conversation Analysis Tool

A tool created by Understanding Language to analyze discourse samples. To be used in professional learning communities to analyze language samples from classroom conversations. Included in this file is an explanation of the tool.

Newcomer Materials

Several teachers have asked for materials that are specifically designed for newcomer students.

Newcomer Units from NYC Department of Education

These two units, developed for NYC teachers, are meant for middle and high school students, but would be appropriate for upper elementary students with some adaptation. These units are of the highest quality in my opinion!

Newcomer Pack Materials

These materials, found at Teachers Pay Teachers, focus more on discrete skills that newcomer students need. These are worksheets that students can work on, but must be used in tandem with instruction that focuses on developing their speaking and listening skills. I have not ascertained the quality of these materials, so consider this before purchasing them. My colleague does give them high marks, though.