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Shared Lesson Plan Folder

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Morning Sessions

Day One Morning Introduction and Overview
Scaffolding the Reading of the Gettysburg Address PPT
  • The Gettysburg Address Lesson Plan
  • Afternoon Session

    Grounding Principles in Practice
  • Classroom Snapshot Observation Form
  • Designing a Scaffolding Task

    DAY 2

    Morning Session

    Formative Assessment Practices PPT
  • Classroom Conversation Samples
  • Scaffolding the Reading of a Non-Ficition Text PPT (Volcanoes)
  • Volcanoes Lesson Plan
  • Afternoon Session

    Enchancing Lessons to Maximize Student Discourse

    DAY 3

    Days 3/4 Agenda

    Morning Introduction

    Scaffolding the Reading of an Historical Text: Rosa Parks

  • Rosa Parks PPT
  • Scaffolded Colloborative Retell
  • Rosa Parks Lesson Plan
  • Rosa Parks Pictures and Text
  • Rosa Parks Readers Theater Text
  • Curriculum Enhancement Principles

  • Curriculum Enhancement Principles PPT
  • CE Principles Gettysburg Address Graphic Organizer
  • Scaffolding the Gettysburg Address Lesson
  • Examining Academic Language: Interaction and Output

  • Academic Language Science Samples PPT
  • Science Sample Language Strips
  • Analyzing Your Classroom Discourse

  • Analyzing our Students' Discourse PPT
  • Conversation Analysis Tool
  • DAY 4

    Structuring Academic Arguments: Historical Thinking

  • Historical Thinking and Structure of Argument PPT
  • Historical Thinking Article and Aztec/Spanish Encounter Accounts
  • Aztec-Spanish Cafe Talk Pictures
  • Historical Thinking Graphic Organizers
  • Opinion Continuum Strips
  • Structure of An Argument Form
  • Curriculum Enhancement Procedure

  • Curriculum Enhancement Procedure PPT
  • Curriculum Enhancement Procedure Visual
  • Additional Resources

    Here are the Fresno Glossary of Strategies that includes a large number of interactive tasks and a short description of each. Some of these were presented during the four days of the workshop.

    Newcomers neeed to learn site words as well as phonics. Here is a set of site words for your use.

    Persuasion Across Time and Space ELA Unit

    For Kentucky teachers and instructional coaches who would like to implement or support implementation of Understanding Language's ELA Middle School Unit, Persuasion Across Time and Space:

    Materials for ELA Unit Implementation:

    Full ELA Unit Teacher Guide

    ELA Unit Student Handouts

    Teacher Created Powerpoints

    Here is a set of powerpoint files created by teachers in Charlotte who piloted the unit. These PPTs may not be complete, and you will have to edit them for your own classroom, but they maybe a helpful starting point.

    Classroom Videos

    Here is a link to five classroom videos plus an overview video created through a collaboration with the Teaching Channel from our work last fall in Denver.

    Lesson One videos

    (Can You Drink Dirty Water, Evolution) can be downloaded here.

    Plutchik's Wheel

    Here is a link to Plutchik's wheel of emotion with additional facial expressions.

    Relationships and Convergences

    Here is the link to the Venn diagram comparing Mathematics, Science, and ELA Practices

    Conversation Analysis Tool

    Here is the Conversation Analysis Tool for use in analyzing student discourse.

    Key Principles for ELL Instruction

    These principles, created by leading researchers in the field of Second Language Acquisition, are meant to guide teachers, coaches, curriculum designers and site/district based administrators as they work to improve the programs, policies and practices for English Learners.

    Classroom Snapshot: Academic Discussion Review

    Student Discourse Samples

    Here is a folder of sample student conversations for use in analyzing student discourse.

    Understanding Language Professional Development Courses

    Understanding Language at Stanford is offering online professional development courses this fall. For more information, go to Online Courses for more information.

    Interdisciplinary Holocaust Unit

    Created by Jill Sanders and her colleague Luz Larsen from Harden County Schools, this unit embeds many of our scaffolding tasks into an engaging unit which exemplifies the notion of providing English learners with "high challenge/high support" lessons.